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          Talent view, honor view, sense of responsibility and values
          Be sure you are a talent and see what economic benefits you create.
          The standard of talent - give you time, you give the results of the business.
          Everyone is fighting for a team
          The supervisor should embody care, support, and responsibility to help the staff upgrade and not let their subordinates fall behind
          To achieve self - transcendence, no development is of no value.
          We provide you with
          Top development platform
          State key high-tech enterprises;
          One of the most large-scale machinery processing equipment for feed and the manufacturer of the whole plant in China;
          The competitiveness of China's large enterprise groups is 500.
          The average performance of 2003-2012 years has increased by more than 20%.

          Innovative talent mechanism
          The positioning height is unlimited, not subject to qualifications, qualifications, etc.
          For you to provide promotion space, affirm your values;
          Tempering talent, leaving the elite;

          The environment of peace and happiness
          It is located in the economic development circle of Ningxia, Shanghai and Hangzhou with convenient traffic. The four seasons are clear and the climate is pleasant.
          Standard dormitory, single apartment and family suite are provided according to the contribution and performance.
          Career development step
          Add:Zhengchang Road No. 168,Liyang, Jiangsu   Fax:0519-87229982
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